Membership Contracts

To become a member of a Consortium, all members must sign the same contract.  In order to provide the same equity to all members, members are not allowed to amend contract terms and/or conditions.

Membership Fees

Members are invoiced either by ORA or the department for each membership period.  As payments are received, the ORA post award team informs the consortium director and/or administrator.

Government Members
Government entities can join a consortium; to track the government funding separately a new index number is issued.  The PI will then have two indices for the consortium in which to charge expenses.  The Government entities follow the same guidelines as the other members.

Funds and Expenses

Consortium funds must support the research mission of the consortium.  Funds carryover at the end of the fiscal year and either remain in the existing index number or are transferred to a new index number depending on the consortium agreement.

The available balance for a consortium can be viewed in either Banner / FRIGITD screen or in My Funds Report.

What is a Consortium?

A consortium is made up of multiple members who pool their funding towards shared research initiatives; members receive intellectual property and data rights in return for consortium membership.

Who do I contact about a Consortium?

For questions regarding Mines’ consortia including joining, opportunities, or creating a payment schedule,  email